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Styling Expert


Transform your closet–
and your confidence

What story is your closet telling about you?

You wake up everyday and you know you're going to have to make the decision: What am I going to wear?


You have a closet full of clothes, BUT it's full of...

...Pants that don't fit...

...Clothes you've had for 10-20 years...

...That hideous blouse you keep because it was a gift from your mom...

It's time to break away from your lifeless closet and get your confidence back.  Where does a busy working mom begin to achieve such a transformation? Start with Marti...

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Assess and Detox Your Closet

Together we'll find hidden closet gems while letting go of items that no longer suit you–or fit you and your future.

Transform Your Wardrobe

I'll use my expertise to learn about your goals, then create the styles you need to represent the REAL YOU.

Fit and Style with Your Friends

Want to do this with friends? Book a Style Party with Marti and have fun putting together your best looks–together!

“My new job is a high visibility position. I come into contact with C-Suite level executives daily. With my new wardrobe, I feel confident and qualified when speaking to executives and employees!”



It's time to be adorned with the clothing and accessories that authentically represent you...

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Hi, I'm Marti, Personal Wardrobe Stylist for busy working moms. I consult, shop, and customize savvy styles for women who work at home, in the workplace, or for yourself.

I help you to feel seen, heard, known and celebrated for the value you add to those around you.

I Also coach you to be confident about how you represent yourself in any situation. When you work with me, you will experience a reinvented wardrobe that reflects who you are authentically–with a renewed sense of empowerment.  You'll be able to easily access outfits for any occasion.

“This experience was beyond anything I could have imagined. Marti is so easy to talk to, like a long lost girlfriend! She listened to what I wanted, I never felt judged or shamed for what I had been wearing, and she encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone in regard to clothes. She was really amazing at asking guiding questions without giving her straight up opinion, and pointing out things she noticed which highlighted my features. Her attention to detail at my try-on (having my favorite wine and treats ready!) was completely unexpected and so sweet. I want her to come and redo my whole wardrobe next time!”


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