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Marti has always had a knack for designing clothing combinations, but it comes from deeply personal experiences..

     Growing up with a single mom did me no favors when it came to putting on clothes that made me feel confident. I was insecure about my body, my looks and my clothes. I had no idea how to put on an outfit that helped me to feel good about myself.

     Fast forward to early adulthood, I married and had four children, but still feeling frustrated about not being able to be confident in my own skin– let alone wearing clothes that would be reflective of who I really am. A friend came along and begin to show me how to do this. I also began to understand the gaping hole of insecurities inside of my heart.

     As I encountered these opportunities to grow in learning how to build from the inside out, I was able to feel more secure in my real self. As my confidence grew, I was invited to speak to other women and how the hampster wheel of performance driven lifestyle is meaningless and keeps us from knowing who we really are.

     I also have spoken as a workshop leader at a women's conference several times encouraging and challenging them to keep walking out their faith no matter what. My passion for women comes from recognizing and understanding these areas in my heart. 


Marti offer sa free 30 minute consultation to discuss your goals and inquiries to work with her.
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Two Important Things to Know...


Marti Justice is an experienced Wardrobe Personal Stylist, coach, and busy business momma herself. Driven by her passion to empower busy working moms, she takes pride in providing the best personalized wardrobes possible. As a wardrobe stylist her goals include coaching moms to be confident by creating outfits that help them feel good in their own skin for every occasion. 



Marti Justice is the founder of Marti J Styles, a Wardrobe Personal Stylist & coach. She coaches busy working moms to invest themselves by taking them on a style journey . Marti specializes in curating wardrobes to reflect the person’s character as well as their lifestyle. Her passion is to show busy moms how to take time out to wear outfits that represent themselves in any situation. Marti is teaching moms how to value themselves and take a moment to celebrate their worth because we only live once. 


How Marti Became an Entrepreneur...

Marti’s transition into entrepreneurship came from an answer to a prayer, a cry of desperation to know what the next steps are after being a homeschooling stay-at-home mom of four children for years. Quickly that prayer was answered with resources to learn how to grow a business.


Her passion for busy moms comes from being one herself. Knowing the hamster wheel lifestyle that never seems to stop, she provides busy moms with the realization that they need a time of refreshment. Marti provides an inside out style experience that can provoke busy moms to see the need for investing in who they are and get off the hamster wheel of life.  

Marti shares her story on Coffee Talk

“I don’t even have the words to describe how amazing my experience was with Marti J Styles! It was much more needed than I even realized! I am excited to put together my new style pieces on a daily basis! My colleagues and students are both noticing my new look and commenting often about how amazing my outfits are. My students are telling me that my new style is “on point”! I look younger and feel happier wearing my new style! Marti had a way of making sure that I felt heard and seen while at the same time teaching me in a gentle and loving way to adopt a new way of thinking about my style. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat…literally invaluable!”


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