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Style Parties...

Marti Branding Shoot Ralph FAv-00079_edited.jpg

and 6 of your closest friends! 

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Style Party


What's more fun than sitting in front of the television watching Netflix?


Getting together with your friends and trying on clothes! 

Marti offers super creative styling parties for small groups, which includes:

  • Closet Questionnaire and Assessment

  • Perfect Fit Measurements and Body Typing Assessment™

  • 3 Personalized Styles for each guest

  • Recorded Fashion Show featuring YOU and YOUR FRIENDS!

“I don’t even have the words to describe how amazing my experience was with Marti J Styles! It was much more needed than I even realized! I am excited to put together my new style pieces on a daily basis! My colleagues and students are both noticing my new look and commenting often about how amazing my outfits are. My students are telling me that my new style is “on point”! I look younger and feel happier wearing my new style! Marti had a way of making sure that I felt heard and seen while at the same time teaching me in a gentle and loving way to adopt a new way of thinking about my style. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat…literally invaluable!”


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